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On 21st December 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was destroyed by a bomb of unknown origin, killing all 259 aboard as well as 11 people on the ground, in the small town of Lockerbie.

This limited series chronicles the events preceding it, its immediate aftermath, and its ongoing legacy.

Made with the same care, sensitivity, and even-handedness shown in Chernobyl and the ‘Aberfan’ episode of The Crown, this is a multi-stranded, complex drama told from different perspectives, an unflinching account shedding light on a horrific incident that captured the attention of the world, the reverberations of which can be felt to this day.

Written with meticulous research, we follow the stories of multiple characters – from victim to lawman, politician to perpetrator, intelligence agent to journalist, taking us from Lebanon to West Germany, Scotland to Washington DC, Sweden to Malta.

It is a story the relevance of which can be felt today, in a world rife with fake news, continued unrest in the shifting allegiances of the Middle East, and the murky machinations of the intelligence services. 

The first episode is called Aegis:

After a U.S. Navy frigate accidentally shoots down an Iranian passenger jet, a CIA Agent in Beirut learns of Iran’s inevitable retaliation via a terrorist cell in West Germany, and races to prevent it.

MOOD REEL: Episode 1 - 'Aegis'

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